2012 NBA Draft

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    Re: 2012 NBA Draft

    We won't and shouldn't trade Rondo.  Love the idea of getting Howard and drafting young stars with our 2 #1's, but even if we did everything you hope for Garnett would still start and so would RA.  Doc likes to use veterans and mix in the youngsters and I can't see him changing this drastically.  If we could get Dic's kid wouldn't it be nice to keep Rondo anyway and the kid can learn and split time with Rondo?  Getting Superman is enough right now to get us to at least #18 and maybe #19.
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    Re: 2012 NBA Draft

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    Dominating 5 years???? What is this, the 60s? When did we lose free agency, 3pt shot, 82 game season, international players, full access to the league by African American players etc etc etc?

    Dominating....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!
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