Celtics starting 5

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    Re: Celtics starting 5

    In response to kdp59's comment:

    wow a lot of people here seem to think Fav will be our starting center next year!!


    that AMAZES me.


    you guys must trust that Ainge saw something in this guy that most of the other NBA GM's didn't see.....and didn't see for SIX YEARS!


    that said I hope you guys are correct and that he is at least an adequate NBA Center.......I see nothing more than another S. Randolph myself.

    Lottery here we come!!!!!!

    FEAR THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Celtics starting 5

    I doubt Fav is the starting center. Ainge needs to showcase Hump and Wallace if he's gonna get something of value for them. It's easy to split time between Green and Wallace but with the logjam at PF and the lack of credible centers it makes sense to use Hump at C and some PF. After all, the C's did move KG from PF to C when in need and now is no different.

    The other thing that surprises me is the number of posters thinking RR will be our starting PG. I think that's doubtful as well and the best qualified (though not the most skilled at assists) of all the guards, other than putting an undrafted rookie under the gun, is Bradley. Starting Bradley at PG with Pressey at backup until RR can come back safely also helps to relieve the logjam at SG.

    Finally, if Danny makes a deal that reduces the roster within the next month don't be surprised if Randolph is resigned if he's cleared waivers. Can't see him suggesting that option unless the C's told him they could still be interested ... I don't really care one way or the other but I think the door is still open for him.