Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

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    Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    a 7foot high energy banger with better hands and offensive skills than Perk
    Gadzuric is the perfect high energy (joakim noah, joel anthony) center the Celtics are looking for to come off the bench and eat up 15 minutes a night - EVERY night - not for 30 games , we need a backup like PJ Brown, someone to play 15 minutes tops to back up Jermaine O'Neal , and lets face it , to count on Jermaine for more than 15-20 minute would be irresponsible management.

    Gadzuric is a banger who can rebound and aggressively use his 6 fouls a game , Celtics should sign him to a 1 or 2 yr deal and have a nice 3 headed monster at center with JON , Gadzuric and the 220lb JJ Johnson , if they could all play 15 minutes for 80 games, the Celtics could commit to uptempo attacking basketball in 2011-2012 !!!

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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    Nothing wrong with Gadzuric (32 y.o.) other than his salary last year if you want a defensive center that plays limited minutes in a backup role. If he can be had for Davis dollars or less to backup JON and say Brown or Gray he'd be a nice addition unless you'd prefer a 4/5 like Foster for some flexibility.

    Per Draft Express Scouting report: (3 yrs old but still relevant)

    Overview: A very long backup center who can do some nice things defensively. Good frame for his position, but it is his wingspan that helps him the most as a player. Runs the floor as well as almost any player his size, and shows pretty good leaping ability. Surprisingly quick feet. Doesn’t bring much to the table offensively. Can score by playing hard, but can’t create his own offense. No midrange game to speak of. Makes a living on the defensive end. Uses his length to alter shots when playing on the ball or when rotating over in help side. Long arms, solid frame, and leaping ability making him a pretty good rebounder as well. Did essentially the same things he does now during his four seasons at UCLA. Provides good depth due to his efficiency, but needs scorers around him to hide his lack of offensive skills.

    Defense: A solid defensive player who can make an impact as a shot blocker. Makes an effort to contest as many shots as he can when he’s on the floor. Often finds himself in foul trouble for that reason. Will get his hand on the ball pretty frequently when defending the paint. Decent rebounder. Uses his quickness to his advantage whenever he can.

    Offense: A mediocre offensive post player who gets his offense almost exclusively from his effort off the ball. Does a very good job moving into position to grab offensive boards, getting into position to receive drive and dish passes, and rolling hard to the basket. Shows very little shooting touch, and his jumper simply isn’t a part of his game. Proves to be a consistent finisher at the rim due to his athleticism and length. Does the little things on the offensive end to help it flow and seldom gets a play called for him. Runs the floor very hard and maintains a high energy level the entire time he is on the floor. Has essentially no discernable ball skills, but that isn’t a requisite to be effective in his role.

    Foster's scouting report:

    A veteran center who is a productive hustle player down low. Has good size and strength by NBA standards. Gets off the floor pretty well. Shows relatively good mobility for a player his size, but that is primarily the result of his effort level. A classic glue guy. Rebounds the ball extremely well. Plays active defense. Collects garbage point underneath. Doesn’t have great offensive skills, but outworks his man to score.

    Offense: Classic hustle player in the post. Gets most of his touches off of offensive rebounds, cuts, and pick and rolls. Will get spot up chances from time to time. Shows a consistent midrange stroke. Doesn’t get a lot of elevation, but shoots the ball with a lot of arch. Won’t shoot outside of his range. Decent finisher at the rim. Not great with his left hand. Isn’t going to put the ball on the floor. Moves very well off the ball. Great offensive rebounder. Sets good screens. Runs the floor hard. Provides a nice compliment to Jermaine O’Neal.

    Defense: A terrific defender who really gives a great effort to shut his man down. Does a good job deny post entry passes and jumping into position when the ball is entered. Can step out and guard most centers that float out to the midrange. Shows nice lateral quickness for his position. Will slide over and help out when his teammates get beat off the dribble, but isn’t a threat to reject many shots. Goes straight up rather than attempting to challenge players at the rim. Tremendous rebounder. Boxes out on every possession. Gets minutes because he is a defensive workhorse.

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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    Isn't Hank Finkle still unsigned???
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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    Might be a decent backup center if the price is right.  DA's got my vote if he needs one.

    As Always,
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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    Gadzuric would be a good pickup. I think he'd fill the role of Perk very well. He doesn't need the ball to be effective.
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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    He's only averaged about 11 mins. per so he's certainly not worn out and apparently no significant injuries.  Every description refers to his length and foot speed as his defensive assets and in a help defense like the Celtics play what more could you want on that end?  But, his numbers have gone into a serious decline in the last few seasons so maybe he's cooked despite his minutes.  Kwame isn't an answer, I don't believe.  He gets schooled by his opponents at a minus 3.7 production rate ( so defense isn't his strong suit.  Actually, offense isn't his strong suit either, so.....?
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    Re: Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric would fit perfectly with the Celtics

    Interesting blogpost on Aaron Gray. I like him as a physical backup center against bigger/slower centers. Compliments the rookie (better against faster, more pick and roll oriented centers) and if healthy JO gets JO 20-30 minutes a game.