How do the Celtics Compare Financially to their Peers/Adversaries?

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    Re: How do the Celtics Compare Financially to their Peers/Adversaries?

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    If you put Tony Allen with Perk and Rondo, that's 3 players who are not good shooters. That's like playing 2 vs. 5.


    So in essence you just made my argument. If Tony didn't fit so well and Danny only wanted to offer two years for cap mgmt purposes, why does he accomodate Tony/Agent in that case. Lucky for Tony and unlucky for us that Memphis swooped in and gave him what he wanted ... otherwise Danny played his hand well.

    Secondly, you can't have it both ways Fungus! You can't call the C's cheap when it comes to Tony and then expect them to pay Pierce $15MM at this stage of his career "cause it's the right thing to do." Do you ever think about how contradicting the statements you make are?


    Like I said, the additional 3m wouldn't have hurt the Celtics cap-wise.


    If the Celts had Tony Allen then there was no need to give Courtney Lee 5m per year for 4 years!

    You pay Pierce 15.3m for services rendered in the past and for his loyalty to the Celtics. In other words, it's reward money.

    Oh I see ... We haven't paid Pierce enough and the investors in the Celtic's don't deserve a return on their investment so mgmt can put $15MM in Pierce's pocket instead of the Investors/Owners' pockets.

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