hump green

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    hump green

    does anybody have any idea why hump is hardly playing that much  could it be they dont want to show case him and resign him as far as green       trade him he is pitiful

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    Re: hump green

    We have a lot of bigs and I suspect Rondo likes playing with Bass and Green because of the past when they played together a lot.  As far as no sweat green is concerned, I like to see Johnson replace him.   Johnson does play very hard and he has skills.  Green is the most skilled person on the team but his basketball IQ is low.   Humph age makes you wonder if he can sustain the type of play he has given us this year.  He is in a contract year.  Clearing out our bigs and pllaying the three young guys would serve us best for the future team we should be trying to train.  Sully, KO, and Fav.