Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

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    Re: Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

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    In response to BosoxJoe5's comment:



    My post have never been deleted, everything is here. Okay you clearly don't understand what is a S&T.  Why don't you describe what you think it is and I will fill you in? Wouldn't it be a better value to S&T JET and have the MLE left for another player like a center. Read that article. I am not changing the subject, this all started because I said you didn't know what a sign and trade was. You clearly don't still. I never said they have cap space. The fact you can't find it exposed you. You have been embarassed. Don't make up stuff now. You have a tendency to act like a ten year when you are wrong.



    See what I mean?


    That's you lying in front of everybody.

    Everybody here knows all the posts on the threads made before August of 2012 were deleted. That's a fact!

    When BDC changed its format, the posts before August, 2012 were deleted. Check it out if you don't believe me.


    That is not true. People dug up year old post all the time.

    Looks like you got caught in a lie again.

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    Re: Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

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    In response to Fierce34's comment:


    In response to Mployee8's comment:


    Like I said then ... the C's could have signed their own FA's last and gone over the cap doing so. By clearing or renouncing all the old bodies and deadwood on their cap holds they could have created space to sign Lee w/o using the MLE had they gotten Terry in a S&T.

    > I said renouncing the deadwood and old players still on their cap hold not their own FA's they intended to resign.


    I believe the entire hold up in signing contracts last year was a result of Danny and his team realizing that if they could work a S&T for Terry then they could cut that deadwood, negotiate their own players new contracts down some and create that space. But the whole thing hinged on Terry since they had promised him $5M or so. When they couldn't work a S&T then they had to commit to the MLE for him and that sealed the teams fate.


    Just because 2005 was the last time it was done doesn't mean it was undoable again. The right situation has to arise and for the C's it did with KG, Green & Bass being up for new contracts and a bunch of expiring one year deals that could be let go in favor of an upgrade.



    Like I said, the Celtics didn't exploit that loophole last summer. No other team has exploited that loophole since 2005. And that loophole was permanently closed once the new set of cap rules was implemented after the lockout of 2012. 


    > The Lockout was in 2011 and the loophole was not closed by new cap rules if a team is able to reduce or eliminate the cap hold.


    Sure the Celts could have opted not to use the MLE and became a team below the salary cap. But that mean no Jeff Green, no Bass, and no Lee.


    > They didn't have to become a team under the salary cap. They just needed to eliminate enough cap holds to free up room. Green & Bass both had Bird Rts so there is no circumstance where the C's couldn't resign them unless they didn't want them.


    Remember, the salary cap was around 58m last season.

    Rondo - 11m

    Pierce - 16.79m

    Total - 27.79m

    Add KG's new deal of 11.57m and that total goes up to 39.36m.

    Doing a S&T for Terry would add another 5m. So that's 39.36 + 5 = 44.36m

    Now, AB, Sully, and Melo will total 4.15m.

    44.36 + 4.15 = 48.51m

    Rondo, Pierce, KG, Terry, AB, Sully, and Melo will total 48.51m. That's 7 players already and you still need 6 more players to reach the minimum of 13 players.

    Like I said, it's either the Celts go over the cap or go under. And the first step to becoming a team under the cap is by renouncing all your free-agents.

    So how can you sign your own free-agents to go over the cap when you already renounced them?



    You seem to think a team has to declare their intent to be under or over the cap with their final team salary and that's not the case when it comes to being able to sign a free agent. A team only needs to be under the Cap Hold to sign free agents. They must resign any other player without Bird Rts as well before going over the cap. Once they've reached the cap limit they can then resign their own FA's holding Bird Rts and go over the cap.

    So if the C's had renounced the deadwood that's been on the cap hold for ten years or more and  waived the players they didn't intend to resign or use in S&T's, then they could have created enough cap space for Lee with Ray and his cap hold gone after renouncement. Then if they had been able to get Terry via S&T they could have preserved the MLE for another player once they signed their own FA's with Bird Rts (Bass, Green & KG all had Bird Rts) going over the cap as well as VM contracts as needed to fill the roster if needed.

    There's no ruling in the new CBA to prevent that again other than the Commissioner now having broad authority to negate a deal if he feels it's outside the intent of the new CBA.

    Crickets from Fungus34 as expected ... Mr Capologist has no explanation other than "the new CBA changed that."  More lies and CVA by the fungus just like his lack of knowledge with the S&T as BoxSoxJoe proved.

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    Re: Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

    And this thread is important why?

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    Re: Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

    Only because the fungus keeps bringing it back to prove he knows more than the rest of us ... Next, he'll be in the bridge selling business.

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    Re: Ray's 6m Can't be Used to Sign an UFA

    Let the fungus post long enough and he buries himself.. what a tool

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