Brady playing old?

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    Re: Brady playing old?

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    What? Fans can't admit that Brady is past his prime? He's slower, not able to read defenses and get rid of the ball as quick as he used to, forgetting to look off his intended targets.  Is he still good? Sure, better than many of the younger QBs.  That doesn't change the fact that he's getting older and his play is getting worse. He needs better support around him. Take a look at Denver's offense for comparison. Manning already has how many throwing TDs.  He has a much better offensive support than Brady.



    The part where you suggest that TB needs better support...that's the point I have to disagree with you.





    That's the whole point. His weapons ARE A F'N JOKE. You cannot possibly be that much of a homer to actually try and argue that Brady has the weapons Manning has.



    I'm pretty confident, I didn't say that.  In fact, I noted that PM has seasoned veterans to play with, while TB is breaking in newbees.  As I said, this is commitment that BB has apparently chosen to make to get some youth into the system.  You might end up being correct in your assessment of the new receivers' overall talents.  Maybe.  On the other hand, seeing as how they have only completed five games, I believe that you are showing some serious short sightedness.  I'm a long way from throwing in the towel on any of these guys.  I'm not sure how that makes me a homer, any more than you, but if it brings you happiness to label me such...what ever.  The fact is that I simply have a different way of evaluating people than you do.  I expect that there will be mistakes made.  Apparently, you believe that everyone should have it all figured from day one.  I suppose you were probably pushing to have TB replaced after his first half dozen games.

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