Not what you think.  During the season I like to recite to myself the 25 names on the active roster. A memory thing.

Now, however, the season is almost a month ago, so I tested myself for the heck of it.  Four starters, easy.  Seven relievers, not so easy, and it took awhile to remember Doubront I could see him clear as day, but not his name, until . . .  Nine primary starters (I used Ross at C and Gomes in LF) were easy.  And so were the five benchers, even Berry.  I'm 73 and slightly pleased with myself. 

But I think the real reason I remembered them is because they all had distinctive, even memorable moments in the playoffs.  Plus I remember what a big deal it was trying to guess who Farrell would keep for the playoffs.  And the angst about how the starters would do.  Further angst in the first two games against the Tigers, when they were setting a record (27) for K's.  Salty's infamous bad throw to 3B, after which the umps made exactly the right call on MBR's obstruction.  Two errors by Ells, who had like no errors his first three seasons.  Buchholz struggling in the final game, but doing OK.  Victorino absolutely stinking up the joint until that humoungous grandslam followed by total elation around the bases.  Ross outhitting Salty by a bunch.  Doubront pretty darn good from the bullpen--cool, confident.  Peavy not so cool.  Bogaerts straight out of central casting--the rookie Iggy wanted to be, but then two big errors.  Drew glove-tossing to Pedroia, who had to leap, but came right back down on the bag, barely in time to get one.  Ross the concussed running right into their catcher at home plate.