tim mccarver.really?

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    Re: tim mccarver.really?

    McCarver after Lester's walk to Jay:  "That's why you don't throw a breaking ball at 2-2."

    McCarver after Lester's K of Holliday off a 2-2 count (literally the next at bat): "What a great breaking ball from Lester and at exactly the right time"


    Cannot be made up.

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    Re: tim mccarver.really?

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    gawd I hate when U do that

    U just ruined my whole morning ;-)


    LOL....here this will help...

    sources state MLB is investigating claims that Mariano Rivera helped finance Biogenesis and was a silent partner to Tony Bosch. 

    [/QUOTE] Is this for real, can't find any info. please give some details

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