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  • Forum Post: Ridley

    Posted 08/21/2011 10:39:28 EDT

    I have to admit Ridley's recent showing has taken the sting out of BB passing on KENDAL HUNTER -my own personal favorite rookie rb . I still believe it was a mistake not to pick Hunter (4th rnd -SF ) more »

  • Posted 08/19/2011 03:57:27 EDT

     In the locker room after the Bucs game last night Gerald McCoy  ,TB's 1st round pick from '10  , gave his honest opinion of what happened. He even admits he basically asked Brady if he could slow it more »

  • Forum Post: Woodhead...

    Posted 08/19/2011 03:34:38 EDT

    ALSO ...  I know its BB's way to have starters play major roles on Special Teams but with 6 mins left to go ... probably unwise to have key contributors out there playing with knuckleheaded scrubs lik more »

  • Forum Post: Woodhead...

    Posted 08/19/2011 03:24:51 EDT

    In Response to Re: Woodhead...: [QUOTE]no.  He's NOT a lock.  At all. Like him as a player, but I can see this happening all year long. All due respect, don't spend all your money, you have a kid to r more »

  • Posted 08/18/2011 06:55:11 EDT

    In Response to Re: Vick Comments on Dog Fighting: [QUOTE]So far, what I'm gathering is that- Vick's actions were O.k. because any of the following: Dog torture is better than child molestation and/or more »

  • Forum Post: Surprise cuts

    Posted 08/17/2011 11:14:13 EDT

    Don Criqui told me he thinks TODD Light will be a surprise Pats cut (lol) more »

  • Posted 08/16/2011 01:55:40 EDT

    Great post more »

  • Posted 08/16/2011 01:49:01 EDT

    In Response to Re: FINALLY BRANDON MERIWEATHER IS MOVED TO 2ND LINE IN PRACTICE: [QUOTE]You guys can continue to hope and dream and read too much into nothing.  Posted by Macrawn[/QUOTE]  So the fact more »

  • Posted 08/16/2011 12:11:23 EDT

    In Response to Re: FINALLY BRANDON MERIWEATHER IS MOVED TO 2ND LINE IN PRACTICE: [QUOTE]Meriweather is much maligned in this town and may always be for some reason.  It could be that the coaches are f more »

  • Forum Post: Bad Joke?

    Posted 08/14/2011 10:20:52 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bad Joke?: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Bad Joke? : McDaniels left on good terms.  I could see him coming back after learning from his past failures, especially if we can keep Nick Cas more »

  • Posted 08/14/2011 02:37:36 EDT

    RE: Tate's KO returns- After an initial fast start he slumped and from the 2nd half of the season onward he actually finished near the bottom in KO Average. ( his overall seasonal average didnt end up more »

  • Posted 08/14/2011 02:02:40 EDT

    APpats2 ... Hernandez worked out today in part with the Wrs (Sat practice )

     Juz sayin'. more »

  • Posted 08/14/2011 01:59:58 EDT

    Best Division in Football Laz ?   It's clearly the NFC South (theres not even a close 2nd )  Falcons / Saints / Bucs ...  They could send 3 teams to the playoffs .  They'll probably split the games be more »

  • Posted 08/14/2011 01:31:32 EDT

    SLATOR IS DEAD WEIGHT DISCLOSURE : Not a Slator fan ( never have been ) . Nothing personal - He seems like a great guy but I think he's only a good - but not great special teams player and his roster more »

  • Posted 08/14/2011 12:44:40 EDT

    In an unrelated note...

    General concensus:
    Though she's no Kristina Akra  /> Is Lyndsey Petruli at least do-able ? more »

  • Forum Post: Bad Joke?

    Posted 08/14/2011 12:32:52 EDT

     I happened to be watching the press conference LIVE and my first thought was WHAT DID HE JUST SAY ?    I immediately convinced myself that he used the term NEXT COACH in an editorial way : " I would more »

  • Forum Post: PLAY GM?

    Posted 08/13/2011 12:53:15 EDT

    In Response to Re: PLAY GM?: [QUOTE]I would rather see a Patriot fan that knows how to spell the player's name. Posted by gln826[/QUOTE] M-A-L-L-E-T-T it. My bad . ( not the first time Ive miss more »

  • Posted 08/13/2011 11:06:31 EDT

    Hey brdbreu -  didnt mean to step on your thread with my "back-up Qb posting" ( didnt see yours until just now )   My guess is Hoyers worth would start at @ a 4th  - but then again who thought Charlie more »

  • Forum Post: PLAY GM?

    Posted 08/13/2011 11:00:10 EDT

    Otay ... 1 preseason game in and we've officially crowned ourselves : KING OF BACK-UP QB DEPTH . Fair enough .  You are the GM for the Pats for the day .  Lets say there's a team out there that REALLY more »

  • Forum Post: Maneri and Richard

    Posted 08/13/2011 10:38:50 EDT

    If final cuts were today - I think Maneri would have a spot as BB / Scarnechia appear to be very high on him .   Richards looked good ( but he mostly excelled near the end of the contest - when Jax tr more »

  • Posted 08/13/2011 10:27:24 EDT

    BB = Mapquest .....priceless.   Belichick has proven to opposing coaches that when playing the Pats the one thing they can count is that they can't count on anything .   When the Pats play an opponent more »

  • Posted 08/13/2011 12:42:29 EDT

    Interesting take . more »

  • Posted 08/12/2011 08:12:15 EDT

    It was interesting to see the sidelines when Farnham made his pick went crazy . The guy is obviously well liked . I think almost EVERY player congratulated him at some point. more »

  • Posted 08/12/2011 08:08:54 EDT

    Preseason game or not -Ridley looked like he belonged in the NFL . I'm interested to see what SF's KENDAL HUNTER does tonight vs Saints ( the Rb that was on my pre-drat wish-list ) more »

  • Posted 08/08/2011 03:00:37 EDT

      This is the first time since the SB years that I have a high level of confidence in our DB staff as a whole.  I like Sergio Brown and Chung .  I don't think Meriweather will be dealt anytime soon .. more »

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