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  • Posted 04/23/2014 06:12:15 EDT

    In response to romneywins' comment: [QUOTE] It is very hard to build through the draft.  Our picks will be tooooooo lowww.  The draft can be used to get a player or two but we must invent a way to get more »

  • Posted 04/23/2014 06:10:09 EDT

    It is very hard to build through the draft.  Our picks will be tooooooo lowww.  The draft can be used to get a player or two but we must invent a way to get a stud to anchor our team.  We do not have more »

  • Posted 04/23/2014 06:05:01 EDT

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment: [QUOTE] Why not this lineup    That would start us on our way back   PG-Rondo    SG-Bradley   SF-Melo (give up Green, Humphries and 2015 #1, 2017 #1   PF-Sully   more »

  • Forum Post: Rondo and Carmelo

    Posted 04/23/2014 05:59:14 EDT

    In response to Rajon-Hondo's comment: [QUOTE] I am really ambivalent on Melo. He isn't a guy that loves defense but, he can outscore anyone in the league. When you have a guy that is a great scorer he more »

  • Posted 04/23/2014 05:52:18 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment:

    I think Vonleh is a better player than Sully and Randle.


    may be but we have Sulley already and other demanding needs.

    more »

  • Posted 04/23/2014 05:51:02 EDT

    In response to MitchUnderpants' comment: [QUOTE] Ok, so odds are that the C's will pick either 5th or 6th, and the best player available will be Randle.  So who can we trade him for?  I've said all al more »

  • Posted 04/23/2014 05:47:49 EDT

    In response to Mployee8's comment: [QUOTE] If we pick Randal it's for another team involving a trade, otherwise Exum could play the SG and ultimately replace Rondo in 2015 if it comes to that. [/QUOTE more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 09:57:28 EDT

    Chandler would be a great pick up for the right money. 

    more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 09:56:15 EDT

    I would pick Sullinger.  WE need size or a very good 2 or 3.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Rondo and Carmelo

    Posted 04/22/2014 09:51:17 EDT

    If we get Carmelo, we must retain Rondo, they would be a great pair.

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  • Posted 04/22/2014 04:16:30 EDT

    Bayless will most likely replace Pressey.

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  • Posted 04/22/2014 04:14:15 EDT

    Rondo, Aisk, Sullinger, Hayward, our first first round pick this year.

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  • Forum Post: Rondo and Carmelo

    Posted 04/22/2014 04:06:52 EDT

    Rondo and Carmelo and we would be on our way.  Find some other guys that have not won a title like Smith, and let hunger lead us like it did with Paul, Kevin, and Ray.  The cost of Carmelo would be hi more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 04:03:34 EDT

    Celts are interested in Carmelo , also, Rondo and Carmelo and we are on our way.  There are other good players that have not won a title that could be added.  Only problem I see with Carmelo is the hi more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 03:58:07 EDT

    I hope Green and Bradley are traded.  Paul is not the answer, bring him back in administration.  I hope the team is reworked with better complimentary parts.  Rondo, Sullinger, KO, and the important p more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 03:55:47 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] That means Pierce can come back as a bench player next season?       Backing up Green and Bradley.   The Suns P.J. Tucker is the new Ron Artest. I'd love to more »

  • Posted 04/21/2014 10:28:37 EDT

    Both are very good.

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  • Posted 04/21/2014 10:27:13 EDT

    Who cares

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  • Posted 04/21/2014 10:23:47 EDT

    Green and #17 for Monroe.

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  • Forum Post: Monroe and Gordon

    Posted 04/21/2014 10:18:34 EDT

    Trade Jeff Green and #17 for Monroe and draft Gordon with the #5.  Monroe and Gordon plus Rondo and Sullinger would be a very good start on next years team.

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  • Posted 04/21/2014 10:15:30 EDT

    Trade the 5 pick for lower pick and payer or multiple picks.  After looking at the guys until I am dizzy, I have concluded that we can get what we need at the 7 to 17  picks just as easy as we can wit more »

  • Posted 04/17/2014 08:40:50 EDT

  • Posted 04/07/2014 08:39:08 EDT

    In response to Fiercy's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Gasthoerer's comment: [QUOTE]     It would be bad to overpay for AB, but Bayless over Pressey or AB for the same money sound crazy. Bayless is a more »

  • Posted 04/06/2014 11:03:32 EDT

    Too bad he is white and presumed to be a poor defender.  If he was black the ink would be running in his favor.  Get over it the league is a black league now and a white must clearly be above the rest more »

  • Forum Post: Reffs help Celts

    Posted 04/06/2014 10:57:15 EDT

    The reffs unexplained love for Detroit helped us get a loss last night, way to go zebras.

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