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  • Posted 04/10/2014 01:54:17 EDT

    Sorry this is way off topic, but you all always have such great advice.  A cousin I havent seen in 20 years has invited me to his vow renewal ceremony.  They are going all out.  Ceremony and then full more »

  • Forum Post: March Preschoolers

    Posted 04/01/2014 03:09:53 EDT

    KMMZ - I am so sorry for you and your family... it only hit my DS1 (fortunately for the rest of us, unfortunately for him) but he was SOO miserable for those 12 hours.  I can't imagine any of that bei more »

  • Forum Post: March Preschoolers

    Posted 03/26/2014 12:37:27 EDT

    Med, that is so interesting that you have an allergy to only cashews (and yes... according to Google, the cashew and the pistachio are directly related... as is the mango... do you react to a mango?). more »

  • Forum Post: March Preschoolers

    Posted 03/25/2014 01:20:39 EDT

    What an insane 48 hours.  Sunday afternoon, driving to friend's house in NH.  Give DS1 half of my Lara Bar (dates and cashews).  He said it was "spicy" (odd as it definitely wasn't), immediately compl more »

  • Forum Post: March Preschoolers

    Posted 03/11/2014 02:00:13 EDT

    I agree Med.  What are flashcards for this age?  Vocabulary or math??  We do learning by doing around the house as well, and lots of repetition.  Lots of counting activities lately since he loves to c more »

  • Posted 03/11/2014 01:46:04 EDT

    ALS - second time in two days we've posted at the exact same time.  We must have the same lull in our daily schedule to check boston.com :-)

    more »

  • Posted 03/11/2014 01:44:21 EDT

    Cwag... similar post about DST and lighter evenings.  Previously we'd get home from daycare around 5:15 or so and it was already dark.  So no requests to play outside.  Last night DS1 (3.5) realized v more »

  • Forum Post: March Preschoolers

    Posted 03/10/2014 10:35:54 EDT

    Yay Med for her playing at the party!  My DS1 (3.5yr) also won't play at those funspaces.  We've been to two b'day parties at those places with the jumpy houses and inflatables/slides.  Won't go near more »

  • Posted 03/10/2014 10:15:59 EDT

    WPP - very exciting.  Good luck with the move.  Love the thoughts above about giving choices, but in statements rather than questions.  I'm going to try to use that more.  DS2 is doing really well, 16 more »

  • Posted 02/26/2014 10:43:55 EST

    Thanks cwag... he is 16 lbs at 14 weeks... so clearly not affecting his weight :-)  But I will call just to check.  I'm prepared to do as you did though... more laundry and floor cleaning!  DS1 never more »

  • Posted 02/26/2014 10:19:50 EST

    Med and ALS, so sorry about the ear infection.  My friend just had tubes put into her 18 mths ears because she had them none stop.  Arcain... I always thought about getting AFLAC (my company doesn't e more »

  • Posted 02/12/2014 09:21:53 EST

    Seconding the "when they are ready" theory.  DS trained for pee in a week.  Never a pee accident after that.  But he p00ped in his underwear every day.  He wasn't afraid, as the few times I caught him more »

  • Posted 02/10/2014 10:44:26 EST

    In response to two questions.  On independent play, it all depends.  My almost 3.5 year old can sometimes play by himself for an hour.  But other days he wants me to play with him no matter what.  Las more »

  • Posted 02/10/2014 10:17:38 EST

    Wed, so happy to see your news!!!  Been thinking of you. 

    more »

  • Posted 02/07/2014 09:27:08 EST

    Med, I could be wrong, but I think if the nighttime diaper is still wet, she's not ready.  My DS wears a pull-up to bed, and it has been dry every single morning for about a month.  But selfishly I'm more »

  • Posted 02/06/2014 03:17:54 EST

    KAM, I also have a shoveler at home.  My DS1 (almost 3.5) LOVES to shovel.  As soon as we mention snow, he asks if he can shovel.  We got him a shovel his size and he's actually quite good at it.  We' more »

  • Posted 01/28/2014 04:01:17 EST

    I just learned that I am going to need to travel for work for an overnight.  LO will then be 12 weeks (ugh!) and is exclusively breastfed, and I pump for his daycare bottles.  Any tips on how best to more »

  • Posted 01/28/2014 10:27:09 EST

    Just chiming in on the food issue.  Last night my 3 year old had an apple for dinner.  That's it.  He turned his nose up at the chicken he always eats, and he didn't even try the potato pancake with k more »

  • Posted 01/15/2014 09:22:22 EST

    They both know... the mom's invite included a note explaining why were were receiving two invites.  Split household, want the child to have his friends at both, etc.  My parents have a hard time being more »

  • Posted 01/14/2014 02:02:46 EST

    KMMZ - don't think I said so already, but congrats on #2!!  If I recall it took quite a bit of trying and hard work... so really excited for you and your family!!  As of now, we are keeping our two in more »

  • Posted 01/14/2014 01:51:38 EST

    CLC, so sorry.  So many of us have had miscarriages, and they are so hard regardless of when they happen, and whether for your first, second, or fifth baby.  Good luck once you are ready to try again. more »

  • Posted 01/08/2014 09:40:32 EST

    CLC- Congrats!!  Exciting holiday news for you! I'm back at work.  Ugh.  DS2 is only 7 1/2 weeks, and started daycare today.  I was SOO SAD...weeping in the parking lot.  I didn't think it would affec more »

  • Posted 12/16/2013 01:58:11 EST

    I'm so glad I just read these most recent posts... my DS2 will be starting daycare at 7 weeks for a few days a week.  I've been freezing milk in 4oz bags... and I'm thinking that is going to be way to more »

  • Forum Post: Dec TTC 2013

    Posted 12/16/2013 01:49:39 EST

    Wed.. so excited for you!!!  How great that it happened on your "break."  Wishing you great levels when they check you.  Pls. report back!!!

    more »

  • Posted 12/10/2013 01:45:50 EST

    Hello all, checking in with a newbie. DS2 is 3 weeks. Doing really well, so cute and cuddly and seems quite mellow and content. Forgot how much newborns sleep!  Starting to wonder if I should be attem more »

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