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  • Posted 04/12/2014 01:02:15 EDT

    In response to MadMc1944's comment: Time will tell. Lester is a good pitcher and could probably get 8 and 25 from the Mariner's especially after they offered more than the Yanks were willing to go wit more »

  • Posted 04/11/2014 04:57:23 EDT

    Starters Clay Buchholz, Chad Billingsley and John Danks were all born in 1984 and have pitched in eight MLB seasons. To provide perspective, Buchholz has been valued at 14.2 Wins Above Replacement, Bi more »

  • Posted 04/11/2014 11:21:04 EDT

    When will the Red Sox get their first baserunner against the Yankee bullpen (which last night set down nine straight Sox batters, five on strikeouts)? http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2014 more »

  • Forum Post: Drew & Morales

    Posted 04/11/2014 12:56:39 EDT

    In response to jasko2248's comment: The "stats" might say Morales is "adequate" as a defensive first baseman, but nobody wants the guy playing there for them. 1st base is a crucial defensive position more »

  • Comment on: 3389687749

    Posted 04/10/2014 10:39:02 EDT

  • Forum Post: Drew & Morales

    Posted 04/10/2014 10:27:52 EDT

    In response to Joebreidey's comment: On Drew, my understanding is that he's gotten some offers, but he's holding out for more. On Morales, he's not really that good.  ~ .782 each of the past two seaso more »

  • Forum Post: Drew & Morales

    Posted 04/10/2014 02:37:12 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment:

    More than likely Drew is getting some bad advice from his agent.

    Or that Stephen Drew is rejecting good advice from his agent.

    We'll probably never know.

    more »

  • Posted 04/10/2014 12:28:20 EDT

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment: Ha, look who's pitching for the Dodgers vs. the Tigers tonight.  Josh Beckett vs. Anibal Sanchez.  With Hanley Ramirez at short for the Dodgers. As the Boston Globe more »

  • Posted 04/09/2014 02:29:21 EDT

    Allen Webster had an impressive start Tuesday night after surrendering 7 hits and 3 earned runs over 3.2 innings in his first start: http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?sid=milb&t=p_pbp&pid=54390 more »

  • Posted 04/09/2014 12:57:45 EDT

    Good start for Seattle, but I fear the Mariners "will turn it around."Smile

    In other words, don't place great weight on the small sample.

    more »

  • Forum Post: Ryan Roberts why?

    Posted 04/09/2014 12:34:18 EDT

    Brandon Snyder has posted a .309/.330/.546/.876 line in 100 career plate appearances against lefthanders and a .118/.211/.118/.328 line in 58 career plate appearances against righthanders. Ryan Robert more »

  • Forum Post: Ryan Roberts why?

    Posted 04/09/2014 09:33:39 EDT

    In response to craze4sox's comment: Snyder was probably an equal talent and it doesn't matter if you are a veteran because the guy can't field or hit.  How does this help Bogy?  I just don't understan more »

  • Posted 04/08/2014 10:27:40 EDT

    The Red Sox outfield has moved up to 28th among the 30 MLB teams in WAR* after the statistically insignificant sample of one-plus week. * Wins Above Replacement as reported at FanGraphs: http://www.fa more »

  • Posted 04/07/2014 01:19:42 EDT

    http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?p os=of&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=0&type=8&season=2014&month=0&season1=2014&ind=0&team=0,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0 Delete the space between p and o. I would e more »

  • Forum Post: Trade

    Posted 04/06/2014 05:42:04 EDT

    The Miami Marlins could be contenders in the nearly three seasons Giancarlo Stanton remains under team control. I don't see a trade of Stanton.

    more »

  • Posted 04/04/2014 10:38:46 EDT

    Happy Birthday ... things only get better in your 50s.

    more »

  • Posted 04/04/2014 02:22:28 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: Boston sports writers are professionals. We are amateurs. To suggest that posters on  here are superior to paid , professional writers is self-serving drivel. But more »

  • Posted 04/04/2014 01:36:00 EDT

    I was taken back by Globe columnist Gary Dzen's column Sunday on "Why Xander Bogaerts can be an All-Star this season." http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/2014/03/30/why-xander-bogaerts-can-a more »

  • Posted 04/02/2014 03:01:38 EDT

    In response to moonslav59's comment: In response to hill55's comment: In response to slasher9's comment: Cano still in the league??? (east coast bias FTW) Robinson Cano has posted a .429/.600/.571/1.1 more »

  • Posted 04/02/2014 02:44:01 EDT

    According to this article, the Seattle Mariners will not field a shortstop this season. Of course the Mariners have shortstop Brad Miller, who many project will outperform Xander Bogarts this season. more »

  • Posted 04/02/2014 02:18:57 EDT

    In response to slasher9's comment: Cano still in the league??? (east coast bias FTW) Robinson Cano has posted a .429/.600/.571/1.171 line with an OPS+ of 232 as the Seattle Mariners opened the season more »

  • Posted 04/02/2014 01:18:38 EDT

    In my rotisserie league I could've kept CC Sabathia for $36 and Jon Lester for $10, but I put them back into the pool. At Saturday's auction, I took Sabathia for $11 while Lester went for $7. Lester h more »

  • Posted 04/01/2014 10:09:50 EDT

    For what it's worth, the FanGraphs aggregate WAR projections rank the Red Sox No. 8 in rightfield, No. 20 in leftfield and No. 26 in centerfield: http://www.fangraphs.com/depthcharts.aspx?position=RF more »

  • Posted 03/31/2014 10:16:07 EDT

    In response to maxbialystock's comment: He's in Detroit, a bankrupt city.  Where is the money coming from if not in part from their beleaguered citizenry?  Little Caesar's customers, who last year rep more »

  • Posted 03/30/2014 10:31:53 EDT

    For what it's worth, last season Jonathan Herrera had a park-adjusted OPS+ of 83 in 215 plate appearances while Will Middlebrooks had an OPS+ of 88 in 374 plate appearances and Xander Bogaerts an OPS+ more »

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