Chat with Dreamschool Finder creators

There is no perfect metric for a school's success, in part because we expect different things from schools. That's the premise behind the Dreamschool Finder. The project, a collaboration between the Globe and College of the Holy Cross professors, uses education data to match users with schools based on their academic priorities.

The creators of the school calculator shared their insights about the data and took questions during an online chat.

Meet the creators

Anil Nathan is an assistant professor in the department of economics and accounting at the College of the Holy Cross, who researches and teaches a class on the economics of education.
Jack Schneider (@Edu_Historian) is an assistant professor of education at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester and the author of "Excellence for All: How a New Breed of Reformers is Transforming America's Public Schools."
Matt Carroll (@globemattc) is a reporter for the Boston Globe, who specializes in finding stories in data. He is a former member of the Spotlight team and has been with the Globe since 1987.
Alvin Chang (@alvinschang) formerly made data visualizations at The Boston Globe. The Dreamschool Finder was born when he and Jack Schneider had a back-and-forth on Twitter about which metrics best measure a school's success.
Andrew Ba Tran (@abtran) is an online producer for's Your Town and Your Campus sections.
Globe correspondents Juan Cajigas Jimenez, Nicole Leonard, and Shandana Mufti and staff producer Catherine Cloutier also contributed to the Dreamschool Finder.